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John Domond

Professional Trader

I have found over my years of trading that scalping is one of the more lucrative ways to trade. Although all methods are fairly profitable but I stand behind my belief because of the ability to make substantial amounts in small moves. I believe that the markets are random and if that is to be the case then to me, I’d say it makes sense to make your money as fast as possible.

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We believe that the market speaks as it prints its structure so our job as traders is to listen rather than predict. More importantly, at GCU we teach YOU how to listen to the market


Amazing Course

Being in this course has been an experience like no other! My trading skills have been growing astronomically along with other aspects of my life. My time here has made me feel like I am in a second family to say the least. If you’re looking for place to grow not only your wealth but yourself as well; then welcome home!


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Course Duration

Approx. 60 - 90 Days

Course Price

Monthly - $99.99
LifeTime - $599.99

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All levels

Course Description

In this course, you will learn about the Foreign Exchange Market. Unlike many other courses, this will teach you everything you need to know to be successful. The goal is for you to learn how to get the results you deserve from the market with simply your own knowledge. You will be taught all the ins and outs of Forex, including the styles, momentum, structure shifts, risk management, and chart patterns. 

The styles of trading (scalping, swinging, and intraday) will be taught by four uniquely experienced instructors to provide a vast expanse of knowledge and to ensure success. Classwork will only be required once a week, but it is best to be prepared for a lot of studying, as the markets tend to be very complex. This course is most suited for those with a passion for Foreign Exchange who want to win back their time from corporate America and live out their dreams.

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Student Reviews about This Course

Before GCU I was learning how to trade with another group of people who had no clue what they were doing. I even tried to teach myself how to trade and after losing so much money, I almost gave up on trading. After meeting one of the creators of GCU, I figured I would give it a shot but didn't have any real hopes of learning how to trade. After a few weeks of joining the group, I notice the environment and atmosphere of the group was totally different than what I experienced before. The instructor is very patient and is passionate about helping others succeed in trading. The materials are available at any time and are simple to understand. I can ask questions at almost any time throughout the day and someone will answer. Now I am able to trade and successfully earn income effortlessly. I'm so glad I met JD and the people in the group. GCU is changing people's lives financially and I thank God that I'm a part of it.
The GCU classes are highly informative and clear to understand. Jay breaks down the market so it’s easy to follow along on his thought process. I’m a new trader and find the way he teaches very effective in helping me learn. He gives great feedback on the homework he assigns and this helps to build confidence as you are making your way through the learning process. I love how hands-on Jay is - he is always there to answer questions or help his students with charting. So glad I joined GCU and the online community of traders. Looking forward to what the next year will bring and confident that with Jay’s help I’ll master the market!

Tiffany Amspacher
I always thought the Foreign Exchange market was a complicated and difficult. All I knew was to buy when market goes up and sell when market goes down . When I got introduced to GCU, I never knew the impact it would have on my trading career. You want to truly understand the beauty of trading ? Structure , risk management or even emotional stability? That's what GCU has taught me and more ! I can sit down and trade with confidence and also without any fear of the markets. GCU push me to be the better me ! Lastly , the innovation that happens within this community is crazy ! We are always actively learning and growing . With all the experience I've had , I know for a fact that I am not the same person 3 months ago! #letgetthisbag
Before GCU my trading journey was a headache, I was learning from the wrong people and the strategies were a little complicated but with GCU, I can only compare trading with two words, Simple and beautiful.... my confidence is growing because of how much support I get from the group and JD. I wake up wanting to trade, I go to sleep wanting to trade because of how much fun and simple this group makes trading, It’s almost like learning how to play the piano or learning a different language, I can definitely say GCU has change my life and the way I view the market. This knowledge is priceless!!!... I am so grateful to God and JD for letting me be part of this incredible Group of well minded individuals.