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You See The Beast

You will learn about the Foreign Exchange Market along with everything you need to know to be successful and get the results you deserve from the market with simply your own knowledge.

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What Our Students Have to Say

GCU is where you will see the beast in YOURSELF. The level of skill and understanding that is gained through this course is incomparable. This skill is broken down in its most simplistic yet most understanding way you have no choice but to murk these markets. Here at GCU we’re a family, like no other.
From Florida, USA
At GCU learning how to trade is very easy, everything is step by step and simple, not to mention cheap, it’s very affordable.
From Florida, USA
Within the first few weeks after joining GCU, I quickly noticed a dramatic difference in my trading. I was understanding the market better, and my approach was more positive than compared to the past. A few game changers that influenced such a drastic improvement was his availability, his helpfulness and an endless supply of answers to my questions, and his method. When he's teaching, he is vigilant in making sure everyone understands the material before introducing a new element. I also love that he is very active in the group. He treats everyone with respect - he never made me feel dumb when I struggled in my understanding. With his support, his method, and his endless patience, I developed enough confidence to pursue my goal of becoming a funded trader. The trader that I am today is all thanks to Jay. I am excited about the future because I know there are greater things to come!
Florida, USA
Before GCU I was learning how to trade with another group of people who had no clue what they were doing. I even tried to teach myself how to trade and after losing so much money, I almost gave up on trading. After meeting one of the creators of GCU, I figured I would give it a shot but didn't have any real hopes of learning how to trade. After a few weeks of joining the group I notice the environment and atmosphere of the group was totally different than what I experienced before. The instructor is very patient and is passionate about helping others succeed in trading. The materials are available at any time and are simple to understand. I can ask questions at almost any time throughout the day and someone will answer. Now I am able to trade and successfully earn income effortlessly. I'm so glad I met JD and the people in the group. GCU is changing people's lives financially and I thank God that I'm a part of it.
From Bahamas