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Reginald Oriental- Co-Founder
John Domond — Co-Founder

Our Story

GCU is more than just a platform to learn how to trade the financial markets, including forex and the stock market.

When deciding on a name, there were a few reasons why we chose Gap Closers University. We felt that if we used our time and skills to cultivate a course that was simple and easy to learn, we could not only shift our members’ mindsets about thinking big, but we could help close the gap between poverty and wealth. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and the same is true for the four owners of GCU. We did not let this feat get the best of us, and that is the foundation upon which we decided to create this platform. We take pride in the GCU family.

With this in mind, we’d like to welcome you to our family with open arms, and we believe that when you leave the gap will have been closed.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Be taken under the wing of our experienced instructors to take your trading skills and confidence to the next level.


John Domond

I am a scalper with 3 years of experience using active and dormant key levels to trade and to find MBS entries.


Edouard Angrand

I am a pure price action intraday trader with 4 years of experience in the trading industry.


Reginald Oriental

I am a price action forex and option swing trader with 5 years of experience in financial markets. 


Jonathan Michel

I am a swing trader with 2 years experience utilizing fundamental analysis, price trends, and patterns.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I always thought the Foreign Exchange market was a complicated and difficult. All I knew was to buy when market goes up and sell when market goes down . When I got introduced to GCU, I never knew the impact it would have on my trading career. You want to truly understand the beauty of trading ? Structure , risk management or even emotional stability? That's what GCU has taught me and more ! I can sit down and trade with confidence and also without any fear of the markets. GCU push me to be the better me ! Lastly , the innovation that happens within this community is crazy ! We are always actively learning and growing . With all the experience I've had , I know for a fact that I am not the same person 3 months ago! #letgetthisbag
From Florida,USA
Before GCU my trading journey was a headache, I was learning from the wrong people and the strategies were a little complicated but with GCU, I can only compare trading with two words, Simple and beautiful.... my confidence is growing because of how much support I get from the group and JD. I wake up wanting to trade, I go to sleep wanting to trade because of how much fun and simple this group makes trading, It’s almost like learning how to play the piano or learning a different language, I can definitely say GCU has change my life and the way I view the market. This knowledge is priceless!!!... I am so grateful to God and JD for letting me be part of this incredible Group of well minded individuals.
Jimmy Stivil
From Florida, USA